Faculty Focus – Stephanie North

In the interview between Austin Beattie and Stephanie North, overview what it is like to be a faculty member at West Liberty University and how she ultimately ended up there. The interview titled, “Faculty Focus,” for our series, “Passionately Vocal,” starts off by going through the different jobs she has been assigned over the years.

Austin asks Stephanie about some of her favorite positions in the recent years and why some of these jobs meant more to her than the others. he then describes what all she has to do with the title of Associate Director of Admissions and Registrar. After answering this she is asked the tough question of, “What is your favorite part of your job?” and she answers with something that may catch a lot of listeners off guard.

In the second portion of the interview, they talk about Stephanie’s background in her college experience and her life outside of the workplace nowadays. After explaining that she worked in the faculty offices for Wheeling Jesuit while she was in college, Stephanie’s path to her career looked much clearer. She then talks about the college atmosphere when she was in college compared to what it is like at West Liberty in 2022.

To close the interview out, they talk about the life Stephanie loves outside of her work, which contains walking, reading, and much more.