Paul M – Joey Jordison

As a member of one of the most influential metal bands of the last 20 years, Joey Jordison helped to not only create some of the most memorable drumlines in music, but also bring Slipknot mainstream success. In the year after his untimely death in the summer of 2021, Paul D. McKay looks back on Joey’s life and career, helping the listener get to know what made Joey Jordison such a giant in the world of metal.

This artist spotlight features samples of song’s that Joey Jordison helped write for Slipknot, such as “Eyeless”, “Snuff”, and “sic”. These songs were carefully selected to highlight not only Joey’s skill behind his drum set, but also to show how his rhythm section was the driving force behind Slipknot’s powerful sound.

Featured throughout this artist spotlight are also archival interview clips, where Joey Jordison himself discusses what Slipknot’s success means to him, but also where his passion for drumming comes from.