Students w/ Stories (Logan Riggenbach)

The interview with stories where David and Logan Riggenbach Both talk about the history of the West Virginia prison and its dark and gruesome past that took place involving riots, rapes, murders, and escapes.

Currently today it makes it not only one of the most dangerous correctional facilities in the country but one of the most haunted locations in the state of West Virginia. David and Logan also talk about her personal experiences within the penitentiary.


Logan worked as a scarer in the Dungeon of Horrors at a penitentiary. She loved meeting new people and trying different themes every Halloween season, which included a story or random rooms in the penitentiary used to scare people. Though intimidating, Logan found it really fun.

Logan tells her paranormal experiences within the penitentiary’s Sugar Shack, the most haunted spot within the prison. She felt a shift in the atmosphere, felt dread, and being watched by an unknown entity. Her phone turned on/off, heard strange noises, saw dark figures, and was terrorized by the evil spirits of prisoners. Because you never know who they might attack next. Be our guests on this journey through the penitentiary who knows what will be waiting for you beyond those walls of the penitentiary.