Students with Stories – Getting to know Victor Dominguez

Well my interview went pretty great if you ask me, I spoke to victor and got to know him and more about his family and his background.

Victor opened up about this sister and the condition she has that has affected both him and his family members. He mentioned that his sister has a rare condition called “Phelan-McDermid syndrome (PMS)” which is a rare genetic condition that causes developmental and speech delays, behavioral problems and a weakened or no ability to feel pain or sweat.

 Phelan-McDermid syndrome is a congenital condition (condition that is present at birth) that can affect people of all genders. Which he got into and stated that it’s been a battle for him and his family to deal with, he also mentioned that regardless of his sister having the condition that did not stop his family from spreading awareness about the condition and he mentioned that they started an association to help spread awareness about the condition and to get a hold of more people with the similar condition and they’ve invested money into the association and it’s been going pretty well for them. And he also got into how at some point in his life his family had some financial difficulties and how they fought to get through it, and it turned out very well.

 Now he’s a full student athlete with a soccer scholarship living in the United States and attends school at West Liberty University. He also got into a little bit more about his childhood and mentioned certain things that played a huge role in his childhood and friends that have done him favors and that have helped him grow as an individual and also helped him be the person he is today.