Faculty Focus- Dr. Jeffery Grubbs

Dr. Jeffery Grubbs has been a new addition to the West Liberty faculty since 2018. He has a Ph.D. in Art Education which he obtained The Ohio State University, and a master’s in Education Leadership from the University of Kentucky. Dr. Grubbs is an author, educator, public speaker, photographer, sculptor, printmaker and professor. Some interesting things about Dr. Grubbs is that he taught high risk youth, he writes about his experiences as a teacher, and he creates art of his own.

This interview highlights some of the reasons Dr. Jeffery Grubbs came to West Liberty University and how he has established his role here. His struggles and his successes both before and during his time on the hilltop are discussed to provide further insight. How his education and time learning has evolved his personal artwork is further discussed bringing light to what it takes to be a well-rounded professor and artist. Dr. Grubbs goes into deeper detail about what inspires his art, writings, and teachings and what it means to him to have knowledge as an artist. Highly interested in having his voice heard, this interview does just that and provided Dr. Grubbs with a chance to get people to hear his beliefs and upbringing. Listen to his unique life and perspective in the latest episode of Passionately Vocal, Faculty Focus.