Joey Zacarias

Joey is from Marseille, France and is Majoring in “Media Communications”. He is a student athlete, and currently part of the West Liberty Men’s Soccer team. Joey plays right back (defense) and has been been playing for over 4 years. Joey has always been an active person and is a man of many talents, growing up he played soccer, basketball and rugby.

Joey was born Joel Zacarias but goes by “Joey”, he was born in South Africa but was raised in France. He attended school at “Bishop Bavin International” (private school). At the age of 16 he discovered his passion for music and till this day he’s still making music. Joey started making music in 2016 and his focus is more on Hip Hop/R&B and trap music. His inspiration was his neighbor that used to be a very well known musician and that’s what triggered him to give it a try and he turned out to be pretty good at it.

His plans for when he’s done with college are a bit all over the place, but he definitely plans on working at a large media company like instagram, twitter and etc. He seems to be more interested in the “algorithm” related section, where he’s able to control certain things people see on the app and control wether specific guidelines are being broken or not. 

Joey also plans on pursuing his musical career while working his dream job, because the amount of love he has for music cannot be compared to anything. Seeing how he’s learning some audio related skills in the current “DMD-204-01” class he’s in, he believes he can go out there and put all of it into work. It’s also been noticed that what mostly keeps him going is the support he gets from his mom and his peers. Basically that’s how he plans on using his voice and audio skills in media and in the near future.

More information about Joey will be posted soon!