Student with Stories- Braedon Mason

Cam chose to interview Braedon Mason for the Students with Stories interview, Braedon is from Parkersburg, West Virginia. Braedon goes to West Liberty and he plays football for the Hilltoppers. Braedon’s story is about how he has dealt with several knee injuries that could have very well ended his playing career. He has torn his ACL twice and he tore his meniscus once. His first injury happened during his senior year of high school and Braedon went into depth on how that affected him and what was going through his mind in the moment. Cam also asked Braedon to explain in detail what is was like before and after surgery and what is was like preparing for that. Braedon finally got back to being healthy and playing football again during the spring of his Freshman year at West Liberty, then he got injured again. This time not only did he tear his ACL but he also tore his meniscus. He took me through step by step on what happened during the play he was injured on. Braedon explained how the second injury was different from the first time, but he said once it happened he immediately knew it was his ACL. He also described what is was like for him not only physically but also mentally after the injury.