Students with Stories- Creed Kidney

In an interview between  James Salvatori and Creed Kidney, titled, “Students With Stories,” The two talked about a scary story where he thought he was going to die his freshman year from his suitmate breaking into his room in the middle of the night. And the other topics like his first-ever experience on campus when he was 11 years old auditioning for a Christmas play he saw when he came up for a visit and spoke with Mr. Aulick. He later finds out that he has become terribly sick. At the end of the interview, we talk about different senses of humor and how people differ.

The interview begins with talking about Creed’s background how he is a resident assistant at West Liberty University, helping the founder of the PRIDE club on campus, and is a former editor for the Trumpet, which is a college newspaper.  The two begin to talk about the first story about how it was one night on Saint Patrick’s Day and his suitmate was in the middle of the night was being loud, and eventually broke into his room and stood there and then did nothing, and proceeded to walk back to their room as if nothing happened. 

After the first story, they took a short advertisement break before getting back to the story about how his first experience at West Liberty was a rough one. He was 11 years old and he wanted to audition for the play ‘Christmas Present.’ So he convinced his mom to let him audition and he ended up getting the role of Peter Cratchit. Then a week before the play he gets sick off of Hardes and then proceeds to throw up in the dressing room all over the ghost’s robe. 

James and Creed then proceeded to talk about the sense of humor and about throw-up stories and how it can be funny at times even when in the moment it is not funny.