Distinctive Discussion With Chase Harler

In the interview between James Salvatori and Chase Harler, the two talked about playing professional basketball overseas and how it compares to college when he played under Bob Huggins at West Virginia University. They also talk about how important the mental aspect of the game is compared to the physical one.


They start off the interview by talking about the comparisons between playing college basketball compares to the professional league overseas. They move on to talk about the adjustment of living in a country with a different language barrier and how he navigated it. They then discussed Mr. Harler’s favorite memory over the years playing basketball and how he has one from every milestone in his career, ranging from high school to college and eventually professionally.

After a short break, the two come back and talk about the mental side of the game and how hard it can be. Mr. Harler elaborates how he was a star player out of high school, but when he was at West Virginia University he did not see playing time until his sophomore/junior year. This gave him a lack of confidence, but he also took this that he needed to work harder.

They finish off the interview by talking about the hardest thing Mr. Harler had to deal with throughout his career and how he overcame it.