Health Fair

On Thursday, April 4th, 2019 the Health Fair took place in the Student Union building on campus at West Liberty University and WGLZ did many interviews during the event. The Health Fair was a really unique experience for the students and faculty that attended because unlike other campus events there was more than one activity set up there.
One activity at the Health Fair was an oxygen bar and it allowed you to choose from a variety of flavors that would suit your mood and personality. Participants of this oxygen “therapy” say it boosts energy levels, provides relief from stress, increases concentration, and helps you relax. Another activity that was at the Health Fair was done by West Liberty University’s Speech Pathology and Audiology Department and it was hearing screenings and otoscopy which is an examination that involves looking into the ear with an instrument called an otoscope. The Medical Lab Science Department was telling people what blood type they were. The Dental Hygiene Department was teaching people about oral hygiene. There were also many other organizations that participated in the Health Fair and it was a very successful event for everyone that attended.
This year was the very first year that I had ever attended the Health Fair and I learned that it was a very enjoyable event for all of the students that attended it. The Health Fair brought a lot of different organizations from both West Liberty University’s campus and off-campus organizations. The most interesting part of the Health Fair for me was that there were a lot of different tables set up at the event. I only did one activity when I was at the fair and it was done by the Speech Pathology and Audiology Department. The activity that I participated in was that I had to guess what a girl was saying with a plastic piece in her mouth. I ended up getting the question right and I received a free cookie. I really liked that they were giving out free cookies because I forgot to eat lunch that day.
In conclusion, I thought that the event was very successful for all of the organizations that participated in it. WGLZ had many interviews so it was successful for the station as well. Next year, hopefully, the Health Fair is successful too and I look forward to attending it next year too because it was a really unique event that brought the campus together.

West Liberty Senior Walker Polivka’s Impact At WGLZ

Back during the fall of 2018, West Liberty University Walker Polivka donated new curtains to WGLZ. But just recently during the spring of 2019, the new curtains were installed in the WGLZ studio. Walker said, “I noticed that the curtains in the studio were getting kind of old so I decided to donate new curtains to WGLZ.”  Walker is currently a senior at West Liberty University. He is a broadcasting major with a journalism minor from Shadyside, Ohio.

He hosted two, twenty-four-hour marathon broadcasts in the fall of 2016 and in the fall of 2017 for College Radio Day, where he conducted interviews, did prize giveaways, and raised money for local charities. He ended up raising three thousand eight hundred and fifty dollars in the two years, and the money went to the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh, the Wheeling Soup Kitchen, the Bellaire American Legion, and the Bellaire F. O. E.

He was the General Manager of WGLZ from January 2017 through November 2018. During that time frame, he hosted his own radio show where he conducted interviews with over 100 people at the local, state, and national levels, including Bob Barker, Ed Asner, Mario Andretti, and Tommy James. He also created the Unsigned Artists playlist to give talented musicians from around the world the chance to get their music heard.

He won the Abe Voron Award for broadcasting in the fall of 2017 from the Broadcast Education Association for what he has accomplished in radio at WGLZ. The award came with a three thousand dollar scholarship for his tuition and it was only awarded to three people across the United States.

He served on the College Radio Task Force in the fall of 2018. In his position, he helped to get stations signed up for College Radio Day and he also generated content, including Liners from PGA Tour golfer Len Mattiace, NASCAR Driver Bobby Allison, and a liner and an interview with musician Tommy James.

Since May 2018, he has been working part-time at WCDK in Weirton, where he has done a variety of different things, including: covering local political meetings, written news stories for the morning news, board op for football games, and working remote events. He is also a producer on the programs Dimitri: Live and Dangerously Local, The Athenian Hour, and Neapolitan Serenade.

He will be graduating in December of 2018, and he plans on getting a full-time position in radio. He’s not sure where his career will take him, but his end goal is to own his own radio station someday.

WGLZ Attends WLU Club and Organizational Fair

On Wednesday January 16th, 2019 WGLZ attended the Club and Organizational fair that happened on campus at West Liberty University. There were many clubs and organizations at the fair and the fair is always interesting for students to attend because they get the opportunity to join different clubs if they want to. Some of the clubs and organizations that attended the fair were WGLZ, The Trumpet, and a new club called Music, Meditation, and Munchies.

Students that had the opportunity to attend the fair were able to learn more about ways that they can get involved on campus. The club and organizational fair is always interesting because there are sometimes new clubs that have been formed so it is important for students to attend so that they can learn more about everything that the campus of West Liberty University has to offer.

If you or someone you know is interested in becoming apart of the on campus radio station at West Liberty University WGLZ you can contact them by email. The email for WGLZ is Becoming apart of WGLZ will give students the opportunity to learn more about how a college radio station is ran so if it sounds like something that you may be interested in please feel free to contact them.