WGLZ Dead Musician Tribute Schedule

Its that time of year where our DJs pay tribute to some of their favorite artists who have passed away. We call these programs our “Dead Musician Tribute Shows.” We tie these special programs in with the campus wide “dead week.” Below is this years list of artists who we will be featuring next week.


DJ Name

Artist Featured

Aaron Allman

Robin Gibb (of the BeeGees)

Allen Hall

Marvin Gaye

Courtney Smelley


Dominique Harris

Christopher Wallace (A.K.A – Notorious B.I.G.)

Dylan McCullough

Kurt Cobain (of Nirvana)

Kaitlin Ward

Michael Jackson

Lily Zheng

Johnny Cash

Megan Jones

George Harrison (of The Beatles)

Miranda Tharp


Sarah Neavin

David Ruffin  (of The Temptations)

Steven Maragos

 Tupac Shakur