Final Projects Next Week – Dead Musicians Lists

Its that time of year. We will be paying tribute to fallen musicians from the decades during dead week. This is a WGLZ tradition that we take to heart. Dead week is April 29th to May 2nd. Checkout some of the artist we will be playing tribute to this year.



Burke, Catalina M.

Freddie Mercury  (of Queen)

Cataldo, Ashley M.


Cooper, Dava D.

John Bonham   (of Led Zeppelin)

Courtney, Hannah K.

John Lennon  (of The Beatles)

Davis, Kali M.

Chi Cheng  (of The Deaftones)

Edgar, Case H.

John Denver

Evans, Nicholas J.

Janus Joplin

Gretchen, Samantha M.

Bob Marley

Harper, Andrew R.

Jim Morrison  (of The Doors)

Hughes, Markus D.

Jimmy Hendrix

Martin, Thomas O.

Jimmy Sullivan   (of Aveng Sevenfold)

Nist, Anne M.

Amy Whinehouse

Pockl, Clair E.

Johnny Cash

Tirpak, David W.

Adam Yauch  (of The Beastie Boys)

Veltri, Christopher M.

Michael Jackson

Violet, Thomas R.

Davey Jones  (of The Monkeys)

Wares-Terry, DaShon D.

2 Pac

Warner, Meggie K.

Whitney Houston