WLU alum Amber Duncan ‘99 joins WGLZ Taylor Scott during Homecoming ‘19

On October 17, 2019, Amber Duncan was interviewed by WGLZ announcer Taylor Scott. Amber Duncan is a West Liberty alum, an Intervention Specialist for Jefferson County Ohio, and longtime community member. She came back during West Liberty’s homecoming & alumni weekend because she was one of the many people who had a part in organizing it. Her 1999 West Liberty softball team was also being recognized for their 20 year anniversary conference win.

West Liberty’s homecoming and alumni weekend was a big part of the interview. They mentioned how she was involved with things like planning for the weekend. Amber also talked about how the alumni softball players came back for a game the very next day. Those alumni may still be recovering after playing to celebrate their 20 year anniversary. We also got to hear about some of her own perspectives about being involved with the campus for so many years. This interview really showed what a little bit of hard work in the present can do for future events.  

It’s interesting to hear what she had to say about West Liberty University overall. Some things do change, but the memories made at West Liberty never do. The interview with Amber is a great example of how once you’re involved with West Liberty, you will always be involved. If you have the time, this interview is worth a listen.