“WGLZ sees how a little bit of culture is spread around the Hilltop during International Student’s Month”

On November 14, 2019, Ryan Glanville was interviewed by WGLZ announcer Taylor Scott. Ryan Glanville is the current Coordinator of International Programs and Recruiting International Student Advisor for West Liberty University. He had previously worked at WVU and the University of Missouri-Columbia. This interview could be quite appealing to you if you have any interest in studying abroad or international events held on campus.

During this interview a lot of discussion was done about international students month. November is technically international student’s month, but international student’s week is 18th-22nd. There are many events all throughout the year dealing with the international students on campus, but in November it’s really embraced. It’s recognized by schools all around the globe. We got to hear some very interesting details that get a little bit more specific into these planned events. Ryan also mentioned some of the planning his office and himself go into for the different events. The events are said to be a blast. They all allow for everyone to get a little taste of different cultures. 

It’s interesting to hear what Ryan had to say about the international programs and students at West Liberty University. It was all good things. The interview is a great way to get some new exposure into the international students and programs at West Liberty. If you still have some questions concerning this matter, Ryan’s office is located in Shotwell Hall. If you have the time and interested, this interview is worth a listen.