WGLZ learns why international student chooses WLU

   On Thursday October 17th, 2019, Haley Augenstein conducted an interview in the WGLZ studio. Haley was joined with Megumi Maruta and they spoke about his experiences here in the United States. Megumi Maruta is an international student from Japan, who graduated from West Liberty University in 2017 and earned an undergraduate degree in Community Education. His double majors included both: Teaching English and Global Education, and Sports, Recreation, and Wellness. Megumi Maruta is a Graduate Teaching Assistant for the Community Education Program here at West Liberty.

   During the interview, Haley and Megumi discussed Megumi’s experiences here in the United States as well as the background of his hometown. Megumi informed the listeners about traveling internationally. They also talked about the differences in the culture between the United States and Japan, as well as the differences in school between the two places. The interview was conducted right after Black and Gold day here at West Liberty.

   The purpose of the interview was to allow the listeners to get first hand exposure to travelling internationally. Haley has always loved to travel, and she would love to experience places outside of the United States one day. Haley enjoyed speaking with Megumi about his international experiences, and personally got some good insight about travelling international. Megumi as well seemed to love talking about his experiences!