WGLZ Announcer Stephen Graebe’s Fall Air Check Fall 2019 Semester

WGLZ Announcer Stephen Graebe      For this Fall semester WGLZ’s announcer Stephen Graebe hosted a radio show throughout the school year that was typically on-air every Tuesday.  During his show, Stephen focused a lot on talking about baseball, and on one occasion went into some personal information that he doesn’t usually share with most people.  During Stephen’s time as a WGLZ radio host, he conducted multiple interviews with people on campus, and with people that were off campus.  Along with his radio show, Stephen also ran the board for a woman’s basketball game recently.  It was Stephen’s first time running the board as a West Liberty University student, and he found it as a learning point for working the radio as it was different than hosting a radio show.

     Stephen put together a final air check for the fall semester and found his best clips from his shows.  Again, a lot of the clips were talking about the MLB Postseason as Stephen is a huge fan when it comes to baseball, and he hosted a lot of shows during the MLB Postseason.  Aforementioned, he shared a little bit of his personal information on his show.  By him sharing this information, it opened up his comfortability with expressing his thoughts and emotions to the listeners, and was truly a changing point for him on the radio.  Being in the radio class and performing on the radio really helped Stephen’s communication skills and broadened his talents in this field as well.