WGLZ announcer learns more about international education month

On November 20th, 2019, Haley Augenstein conducted an interview with Adwit Lamichhane. Adwit is a Junior here at West Liberty, majoring in entrepreneurship, and he is from Nepal. Adwit takes a huge part in International Education Month, and as November is International Education Month, Haley thought it would be a great idea to interview Adwit on WGLZ. Haley has always loved to travel, and would love to study abroad sometime in the future. Previously on WGLZ, Haley Augenstein interviewed Megumi Maruta and loved that interview. Haley loved bringing the international students on air on WGLZ.

During the interview, Haley and Adwit spoke about international Education Month as a whole, as well as some personal information about Adwit. Haley loved learning about all the differences between studying in the United States versus internationally. The interview also included background information about Adwit’s time here in the United States, and at West Liberty as a whole. Haley also learned a lot about Adwit’s hometown, and would for sure love to travel there one day!