West Liberty University Play By Play Commentator, Todd Ullom, Discusses his Involvement in the Television Production Crew

On Thursday November 14th at 11:00am, WGLZ announcer Kaitlynn Wheeler sat down with Todd Ullom, 2013 alumni of West Liberty University and play by play commentator, to discuss his involvement in the television production crew, more commonly known as the TV crew. The TV crew is a group that allows students to gain experience in the television field while being compensated in the process. Students learn how to direct, produce, report, and operate video cameras in order to broadcast various sporting events on campus.

            One of the questions asked during the interview pertained to Todd’s interest in the TV crew. The answer he relayed was quite shocking. Todd explained that even though he was part of many of the TV crew’s endeavors, he was not, initially, an official member; he was someone that was there to help whenever the group needed assistance. From his story, Todd elaborated that he was a transfer student from West Virginia University that had no experience in the broadcasting field. Whenever Todd needed help in his classes, he would ask one of his peers, who were more than likely members of the TV crew, to aid him in his work in exchange for helping that person out in the communications field. After gradually gaining experience and due to his love of sports, Todd was later asked to do play by play commentary for West Liberty sporting events, therefore, becoming a prominent member of the TV crew.

            During the interview, Todd expressed that his participation in the TV crew is something he is grateful for. He said that he was a guy that got lucky. If Todd did not get asked to help the TV crew on numerous occasions, he probably would not have the job he has today.