West Liberty University Graduate Discuses Life as an Independent Filmmaker

WGLZ Host Paul McKay has made it no secret that he is a big fan of cinema. That is why this November he took the opportunity to sit down with independent filmmaker Carlito Gilchrist. Carlito is a former

resident of the Wheeling area and a graduate from West Liberty University. He currently resides in New Jersey, but came to the WGLZ studio at his Alma Mater so he could speak with Paul about his work in film and the film industry as a whole.

This past year, Carlito worked on his first short film to be submitted to festivals. He chose to film Fishing Lesson locally, as he felt the beauty of his home state would add

some depth to his movie. He explained what the process of filming was like and some of the hurdles he had to overcome while filming. Hurdles like learning cinematography, as he has never actually worked directly with the camera. He went on to explain how once he was

editing, by just slightly adjusting the color, it helped create a much cooler atmosphere that better matched the tone of his film. Fishing Lesson is currently up for review by multiple film festivals.

After discussing his short, Carlito and Paul turned their discussion to cinema as a whole and reflected on some major movies. Since we are

nearing the end of the year and the decade, Paul was curious as to what movies stood out to Carlito from the 2010’s that he feels are important pieces of cinema that should and will be remembered for a long time to come.

As listeners of his weekly show are aware, Paul McKay is a cinephile to his core. He very much enjoyed having a guest like Carlito Gilchrist in the studio so that he could have a conversation about the thing he loves so much.

To watch Carlito Gilchrist’s Fishing Lesson, click on the link below.