Taylor Martie


Taylor Martie is a freshman at West Liberty University. A graduate of Magnolia High School, she was born and raised in New Martinsville.


Video games and drawing is her passion when she isn’t busy. She enjoys playing the pc, PlayStation Four, and Nintendo Switch. Her favorite games and pass time is League of Legends and Pokemon. When she isn’t playing games she is drawing mostly digitally depending on what she draws it can take up to fifteen minutes to three hours on a daily basis.


What she plans to do after college is to move to Ohio and start her radio or podcasting career there. She plans to have her solo radio programming along with a podcast that deals with gaming, art, and music from small creators. When ever she is free she hopes to do voice acting on the side, her favorite voice actor being Justice Washington


For Taylor, college radio is an opportunity. To give entertainment to her audience, whether it be a joke or a long story about something in her life or anothers. She plans to use this program as a way to grow out as well to know her colleagues and other college students.