Sushi Night

On Wednesday, April 12, WGLZ participated in Sushi Night at the Marketplace. We played music and brought back the very popular trivia contest game that we did at the Chef’s Fare. This time, the trivia theme was Japanese culture. We gave away 3 prizes: 4 tickets to the Wheeling Symphony and a $25 gift certificate to Abbey’s, 2 tickets to the Julez Santana concert, and a basket of food. Congratulations to our winners: Alison Shephard (Wheeling Symphony Tickets and Abbey’s gift certificate), Hannah Walters (Julez Santana tickets), and Brandon Briggs-Tyska (food basket).

Brandon Briggs-Tyska, winner of the food basket.

Hannah Walters, winner of the Julez Santana tickets.

Caleb Isinghood, Kellsi Anderson, Walker Polivka helped work the WGLZ Booth at Sushi Night.