Skylar Bachman

Skylar Bachman is a 21 year old Digital Media Design student from Ohio and was born in 2001.  He graduated from Martins Ferry High School and immediately went to West Liberty University.

Skylar is a huge fan of many genres of music and constantly likes to have something playing in the background.  His favorite genre of music is rock and roll and some of his favorite songs in the genre are from the bygone days of the 1980s and 1990s.  He is not quite sure what his favorite band or song is, however.

He is an even bigger fan of video games and has turned this love into his passion as he seeks to become a video game designer.  He is in the process of developing multiple games now and is pulling from many of the skills he has gained from his major.  Skylar is also currently updating aspects of the WGLZ website.

To him, college radio is a chance for those to create something for a wide audience they would not normally be able to create.  He sees this as the best way for a younger person to get their voice out in the world to show off the talent they possess.