Jacob – New Logo Design

Our promotions director Jacob Lockhart was hard at work this semester getting the radio studio a new logo and we are very happy to show you here.  With a nice selection of variation, we hope that this will hope revitalize the look of our studio.

Interview with Chris McPherson

I interviewed Chris McPherson, the Director of student development at West Liberty University. McPherson is someone whose job is to help and develop students acedemically as well as helping them develop students mentally. Mcpherson was able to give perspective on college when he was a student at rival school of West Liberty Wheeling University to the perspective as the Director of student development now being at West liberty University. He also gave perspective on what is different about college now compared to when he was in college in the early 2000s, comparing how easier it is to access information because of the technology that is accessible to the students nowadays. During the Interview Mcpherson and I talked about his journey to becoming the Director of Student Development and if that was what he always wanted to do career wise. He worked himself up as he went from a front office job into becoming where he is now.

Faculty Focus Starring Dr. Ryan McCullough

I interviewed Doctor Ryan McCullough, one of my professors as well as my advisor at West Liberty. During the interview I wanted to highlight his inspirations for becoming a teacher and his teaching style. His biggest inspirations were his parents who were also educators. Growing up he never had any pressures to become a professor but found his way into becoming one. Doctor Mccullough went to a couple of universities and stressed the importance of finding yourself, learning what your interests are to better your future. We talked about the challenges he faced when he attended college in the early two thousands  xc  ccc, as well as the differences between college then and college now from the view of a student, and the view he has of college as a professor. He thinks that students now have more pressure to pick early what they want to become than students did back when he was in school. 

Students with stories starring Nazier Hopsin

I interviewed Nazier Hopsin, a good friend of mine. Naz and I related because both of us went the junior college route trying to pursue academic and athletic careers. I highlighted his experiences when he attended Junior college. Naz went to multiple jucos and we talked about his struggles when he attended his two jucos (junior college). I wanted people that will listen to this interview to understand that Junior College is a difficult journey, and it’s not for the weak. After we highlighted his struggles we decided to highlight what he learned through his journey. Most people who go juco absolutely hated it when they were there but nobody would change the experience they had because it made them who they are. Naz said those words exactly, yes it’s difficult but he said that experience turned him into more of a man. Juco opened his eyes and prepared him more for life.