Lauryn Fridley

Lauryn Fridley is originally from Harpers Ferry, West Virginia, but now resides in Shepherdstown, WV, ten minutes away. She attended Jefferson High School in Shenandoah Junction, WV.

Lauryn grew up with a passion for sports. She grew up playing sports such as gymnastics, volleyball, basketball, and track and field, but eventually realized she

loved watching from the sidelines. Her love for baseball is one of a kind, especially for a woman. Lauryn could go on and on about her love for the Washington Nationals. She could tell you about any player on the team and what kind of game the player had.

Lauryn plans on being a female sportscaster for a major sports network like ESPN after she graduates. Her decision to study broadcasting has made her a better person because she sees everything in a different perspective, just like an athlete in a big game.

She also takes interest in shopping at stores such as Target and TJ Maxx, along with listening to music, ranging anywhere from the latest hits to 1960s oldies.

Lauryn’s opportunity to be in college radio is a big deal for her. College radio to Lauryn means jumping out of her comfort zone and trying something she has always wanted to do. Lauryn has joined the WLTV Production Crew to help her on her journey to be becoming the next Erin Andrews.