Kaitlynn Wheeler

Kaitlynn is a sophomore studying broadcasting at West Liberty University. She is a native of Cleveland, Ohio and a 2018 graduate of Euclid Senior High School.

Some of Kaitlynn’s hobbies include exercising five days a week and taking long walks while listening to music. Kaitlynn said engaging in these activities makes her feel as if she were a super-human, they fill her up with enormous amounts of energy. Plus, she also wants to obtain six-pack abs so that she can show them off to everyone that comes her way.

Aside from her hobbies, Kaitlynn is member of the West Liberty softball team. She is an outfielder, but as of this year, Kaitlynn has another position that does not require her to necessarily play on the field. In order to take a more active role on the team, Kaitlynn facilitates the early morning workout sessions every Thursday. She said that running the workout sessions has helped her bond with her team more; she now has more of a reason to enjoy the sport she loves. Instructing the workouts also helped Kaitlynn realize that she has a knack for teaching health and fitness. She hopes that she will be able to teach other athletes in the distant future.

Along with being a softball player, Kaitlynn is also a Resident Assistant on campus. This is her first year as an RA and she has enjoyed every second of it. Since acquiring the position, Kaitlynn has gained many new friends and acquaintances. Everyone that she has met are reliable and they always encourage her to be more outgoing and take on new challenges.

Besides being a notable face on campus, Kaitlynn has interests in doing voice over work. She favors multiple voice actresses, but she said her top five are Tara Strong, Cree Summers, Grey DeLisle Griffin, Cherami Leigh, and Cassandra Lee Morris. All these women inspire Kaitlynn to expand her vocal talents and take it to new lengths. She also believes college radio will play an essential role in helping her with this endeavor.

Kaitlynn is unsure of what career path she wants to pursue, now, because she thinks there are many routes she can follow. However, despite her uncertainty, she has ideas of becoming either a producer or director simply because they are positions in which a person is giving direction, and she can do just that. Kaitlynn has always been a natural born leader; she knows how to adapt and take control of a situation. She said due to these qualities is the reason why either becoming a producer or director is the right career path for her to take.

Kaitlynn expressed what college radio meant to her and she said, “it is stepping out your comfort zone, letting your voice be heard, and going through leaps and bounds to entertain an audience. She also said that it is a class that builds confidence and helps students discover new abilities that they were not aware of.

Finally, Kaitlynn would like to thank her friends, family, and all the people that complimented her speaking voice.