Kaitlynn Wheeler Aircheck Fall 2019

Located at the bottom of this page is an aircheck audio file that showcases WGLZ announcer, Kaitlynn Wheeler’s, best work on the air. Some of the content that Kaitlynn talked about during her shows were top news stores, the weather, upcoming campus activities, and various fun facts about national holidays. She also loved playing old school rap and R&B music.

Kaitlynn hosted her radio shows every Friday morning at 11am. Majority of the time she would begin her introduction with a boisterous “hey” or “what’s up”, to liven the mood of a typical dull morning. Sometimes, Kaitlynn would also do this to wake herself up if she is feeling lethargic on that particular day. As it was noted previously, Kaitlynn loves old school rap and R&B music. During one of her shows, which is also exemplified in this aircheck, she talks about her favorite female rapper, Lauryn Hill. Kaitlynn gives a brief synopsis of her rise to fame and journey as a solo artist. While providing fun filled introductions and sharing some of her interests, Kaitlynn held interviews with some notable figures in the community. Her favorite interview is when she spoke to Todd Ullom, who is the play by play announcer for West Liberty sporting events, about his involvement in the Television Production Crew.

Hosting a radio show every week has helped Kaitlynn grow into a confident and powerful speaker. She expressed that even though she is naturally shy and quiet, she becomes a different person when she is behind the microphone. Also, hosting a radio show has granted Kaitlynn the opportunity to be the voice for the West Liberty promos and commercials. Kaitlynn would like to thank WGLZ radio and her instructor, Jeff Pfister, for providing her with opportunities and gaining such a unique experience.