Joshua DeLong

Josh DeLong is a third-year student currently attending West Liberty University, majoring in Digital Media Design. Originally from South Korea, he was adopted when he was seven months old by a couple from the United States. From this point onward, he grew up in Adena, Ohio, where he attended the Buckeye Local School District and graduated from Buckeye Local High School in 2015. From the time he was six, he took Taekwondo classes for ten years, earning his black belt in early 2013.

He is also particularly fond of cinema and the visual medium of animation. Although he appreciates all genres, his favorites are sci-fi, action/adventure, and comedy. Josh is also quite passionate about video games; more specifically, shooters, platformers, action/adventure games, and puzzle games. Music may surpass video games for Mr. DeLong though, as he really like to minor in music if he is able to. He played in the marching band all four years of high school and as a freshman in college as a percussionist. Once again, he values nearly all musical genres, with some his favorites being metal, hip hop, EDM, punk, and rock.

As someone who has been drawn into the wild world of video production, he would like to someday have his own TV series or movie. From writing scripts to designing characters, he enjoys it nearly every step of the way, and believes that storytelling is an art, and when expressed through a visual medium, can created something truly inspirational. Josh would like to expand his horizons, and as a result,

Josh DeLong

has decided to try his hand at college radio. Even though he does not have too much experience regarding this topic, he feels it could be fun and a very good learning experience. He’ll be broadcasting some of his thoughts and some of his favorite music, hopefully introducing people to some cool new artists they may not have heard before. He believes college


radio is a great way of getting out messages and keeping people up to date on local news around campus, as well as serving as a cool way to interact with the rest of the student body.