Greg Deffenbaugh explores careers in broadcasting

For his last interview of the semester, WGLZ DJ Sean Whorton had the chance to sit down with Greg Deffenbaugh. Greg is the executive producer of the ten and eleven o’ clock newscasts at WPXI Pittsburgh. He is also the executive producer for the station’s Digital Content Center.

Greg spoke with Sean about his experience working in the field that the present WGLZ DJ wishes to pursue a career in. From a day in the work life, to editing software, to working with reporters, Deffenbaugh covered all the basics.

As well as his personal experiences, Mr. Deffenbaugh also speaks with Sean about the importance of versatility. He explains that this industry is ever-changing, with the infinite advancement of technology. Being prepared to learn about every single aspect of this career field will be vital in getting a foot in the door, especially the aspects that are on the rise. Tune into hear Sean and Greg speak about streaming live television, Greg’s work with the WPXI Digital Content Center, and where a professional in the field sees the direction the industry is traveling in the future.