Gavin Bankey

Gavin Kenneth Bankey is the son of Brian and Joyce Bankey and was born in Wheeling hospital on October 5th, 1999. He was raised in Mount Olivet, West Virginia. He later attended John Marshall High School in Glen Dale, West Virginia and ran track for six years of school. His events included the 400-meter dash and the 800-meter race but exceeded at the dash.

In addition to the radio station, Gavin also currently a member of West Liberty’s track and field team. Outside of running, since his freshmen year, Gavin has been interested in video editing and working with cameras. In his free time, Gavin often plays video games with friends, games such as Fortnite, Smite, and Call of Duty. He and his friends get together at least twice a week to play, mostly Fornite when they are online.

Gavin’s plans for after college include either working for a movie studio or being a social media expert for a company.

For Gavin, being on-air would be a little intimidating as he is not very big on talking to large groups of people. Even though gong on-air may be a little scary, he looks forward to taking on his fears.