Dakota Knotts

Dakota is a content creator, videographer, writer/journalist and is the current Online Editor of West Liberty University’s newspaper, the Trumpet. Possible radio personality? That’s for the audience at home to decide!

Dakota Knotts was born in the mid 90’s in Leesburg Virginia. Raised in Preston County, West Virginia, where he graduated from Preston High School. If you don’t know where that is, that’s fine (he has promised not to hold it against you.)  While attending Preston High School, he completed the Cisco program, a nationally recognized organization known for its computer networking and IT, while also pursing courses in game design. There were also some food service classes in there to add a little flavor to his education.  Currently, he is a Digital Media Design Major at West Liberty University.

What does college radio mean to Dakota? He believes that college radio is an opportunity to learn and develop skills in a semiprofessional environment and using said skills to find his voice. He hopes to create and fun environment that encourages the audience to engage with him.

After graduation, Dakota would like to work with organizations that help children. He currently has participated in two Extra Life Charity Streams, one in he which helped setup and organize, to raise money for the Children’s Miracle Network and plans to continue until he physically can’t.