Dominic Simich

Dominic Simich was born and raised in Weirton, WV and is a recent graduate of Weir High School.  At West Liberty, he is a broadcasting major.

He has a passion for sports and broadcasting.  He played golf for 4 years in high school.  He still enjoys playing a round with friends. Also, in high school, he played tennis for 2 years.  Another hobby he has is filming and photography.  His friends often ask him to take pictures to post on their Instagram pages.

After graduation, Dominic hopes to expand his career in film and photography and hopes to find a job in that field.  He hopes to work behind the scenes and work up to producing his own shows and movies.  He stated that one advantage of majoring in broadcasting is that he can move anywhere in the United States to find work.

To him, college radio means that it’s a new experience and a cool new skill for him to have.  It is having the ability to reach out to his fellow classmates and give them songs they want to hear, whether it is country, rap, or rock.  This will be an experience he will always remember.