Baylee Gittings

Baylee Gittings is a Wheeling, West Virginia native and recent graduate from Wheeling Park High School. At West Liberty she is currently studying broadcasting.

In high school, she found an interest in broadcast journalism. She was very involved with their newscast and also assisted with Wheeling Park’s radio station. Her favorite part of the broadcasting program was being able to work as producer for their newscast and sideline reporting for football games. 

Besides broadcasting, Baylee’s hobbies include volunteering in the community, social media management for the Caleb Smail Human Kindness Project, and leading YoungLife. She helped organize a clothes drive for the YSS Freeze Shelter and a now annual kickball tournament which raises money for the local YMCA scholarship fund. She also spends a lot of time with her friends and family and enjoys kayaking and white water rafting.

Baylee is excited for the opportunities and connections that come with being a part of WGLZ.

Currently, Baylee’s main career focus is being an on-camera personality for a news station. Eventually, she sees herself producing or possibly producing her own content for different companies.