Audrey Eisel

Audrey Eisel is a West Liberty student who grew up in Pittsburgh, PA. She has had a love of music ever since she was a little girl. This love stemmed from her parents who listened to all different kinds of music. Her father loves the blues and oldies while her mother loves music from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s as well as country music. Growing up and going to daycare the boys would always be in control of the radio so Audrey became fond of rock music through listening to it everyday at daycare. Being from Pittsburgh, rap music is very big in Audrey’s life. It’s always fun for Audrey to find a new up-and-coming Pittsburgh rapper to listen to. Growing up, she would listen to all kinds of music and that followed her throughout her life. She listens and enjoys anything from blues to 70’s to rock to today’s hits to rap and EDM.

She’s been to one music festival already and plans to go to many more. One of Audrey’s favorite things to do is find artists that people might not have heard of yet and show other people how good they really are. She is studying psychology and plans on having a minor in criminal justice here at West Liberty. A dream of Audrey’s is to travel all 50 states in an RV and then go on to travel all across Europe. She has already been up and down Italy on a high school trip. If she isn’t at school studying or at the gym you can almost always find her watching Criminal Minds in her room.