Aaron Majiros

Aaron Majiros is a senior at West Liberty University from Pittsburgh, PA. He is studying Music Technology with concentration on guitar. His career goal is to create commercial music, give music lessons, gig on the weekends, explore with music therapy and his ultimate goal is to work in a recording studio, and eventually have a studio of his own to record clients from all over.
Aaron plays in a band called ‘The Doug Edgell Band’. They perform all genres to please crowds in any venue. He plays bass guitar, keyboard and sings vocals with the band. Aaron has been playing with the band now for four years, and has gigs almost every weekend with them. They play at restaurants, wineries, festivals, corporate events and weddings. Aaron also enjoys composing music, hanging out with friends, photography and enjoying the outdoors in his free time.
​​​What does College Radio mean to you?
To Aaron, college radio is all about enjoying, listening, and supporting the station. Since he has such a powerful passion for music, he enjoys sharing that through the radio. He also likes the fact that the college radio has a lot of open opportunities to be involved with. Aaron is also hoping that being involved with the radio in college, it will open up opportunities in on of his careers one day.