Kaitlynn Wheeler Interview with Maria Plecnik

On April 13, 2020, student, Kaitlynn Wheeler held an interview with Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, Maria Plecnik. She was a former English teacher at Forest Park Middle School located in Euclid, Ohio.The purpose of the interview was to discuss  Mrs. Plecnik’s adjustment to the circumstances regarding the Coronavirus pandemic.

During the interview Maria revealed that she is currently eight months pregnant, and has been working from home before the pandemic even started. She also stated that the adjustment to quarantine has been easy yet difficult to some degree. She explained that it has been easier to conduct appointments with her patients, using applications such as Telehealth, Zoom, and even FaceTime. However, the difficulties came when it pertained to her daily routine. Mrs. Plecnik expressed that, due to being pregnant, she is at a higher risk of contracting the virus, so she has to remain at home and her husband has to complete all the household deeds, such as making trips to the grocery store.  She also stated that some of her appointments for her pregnancy were cancelled. Though the adjustment to being quarantined has been undesirable, Mrs. Plecnik did mention that she has found ways to stay engaged. She said that her two cats have been keeping her company. Mrs. Plecnik expressed that she does almost everything with her cats such as playing and eating with them.

Toward the end of the discussion, Mrs. Plecnik advised, since the mental of many have been negatively effected by this pandemic, people to find ways to stay engaged. It is good to have a routine and stay connected to friends and family to keep the body and mind stimulated.