WGLZ Learns About Safety on Campus

WGLZ announcer Gavin Bankey interviewed Anthony Salatino, the health and safety specialist of West Liberty, on October 4th. Anthony is other known as safety Sal to some around campus. Sal came into the studio to talk about safety on campus. When asked, Sal brought up a couple ways to make the dorms safer by not letting people “piggyback” into the building. So try not to hold the door for people unless you know they live in that building. He also mentioned that they are trying to make a better way to see who is all coming into the buildings besides the swipe card method.



After the break Sal talked about fire safety in the dorms and how to react in case of a fire. Sal talked about the fire escape plan that West Liberty currently has and how he always want to improve it for the safest way possible. Sal mentioned not to keep your door propped open unless you are in your dorm and to always shut your door if you aren’t in there. The doors can act as a fire wall for a couple hours till firemen or others can arrive.