New Blogs – Do Some Reading While Your In Line Black Friday Shopping

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We just posted several new blogs from our DJs. Checkout blogs from:

Rachel Bray
Nick Morris
Matt Abshire
Kira Brown
Mackenzie Casto
Bradley Chain
Scott Chancey
Marlin Hicks
Dillon Richardson

Give those a read and post some feedback on their pages! They would love to hear what you think about their stories.

Student DJ Shows To Restart Tomorrow

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// ]]>In case you missed the announcement last week, we have a temporary solution in place for our broken computer and automation software. It was a hard couple weeks with repairs and lots of research for solutions, but we finally found something that worked for us.

With that in mind student shows will be restarting tomorrow (Wednesday the 14th). The DJs seem very eager to do their shows after being off the air for almost an entire month (although we are sure they didnt mind the extra time to do homework and write  papers).

Be sure to tune in and support our student DJs and hear some great music!

Basketball Announcer Try-outs Today

Today from 2-4pm is your chance to have an audition to become a WGLZ sports announcer for the 2012-2013 basketball season. Stop by the station office (room s12 on the second floor of the union) between 2 and 4pm to have your audition. This is open to anyone on campus and its open to all majors. No experience is required. If you every heard an announcer on radio or TV before and thought you could do that, now is your chance! Hope to see you there.

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Basketball Try-outs This Monday

Basketball announcer try-outs are Monday, November 12th from 2-4pm. Show up in the radio office located upstairs in the student union (Room S12) anywhere between those times and call some action to try out to announce the upcoming West liberty Basketball games! Announcing is open to any student on campus in any major. If you every wanted to be an announcer come and try out this Monday! No experience needed.

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DJ Shows To Return Wednesday The 14th

That’s right, the headline is not a typo. DJ shows will return to the air next Wednesday, the 14th. After almost a month of computer issues (both hardware and software), a class full of cancelled shows or sports broadcasts, and 3 dead computers later we have a solution to our problem. Some of our DJs are so excited to be back on the air they may start their shows before that date. Keep it tuned to 91.5FM or follow us on Twitter and Facebook to find out who may be doing their shows before the official start date.

Through all of the problems we wanted to make sure we gave thanks where its due. A big thank you to the IT department of WLU. They tried very hard to fix all of our computers to get us back up and running. After they were unable to save any of the machines they stepped up and built us a brand new computer. We can’t thank Phil, Becky, and the rest of their team enough. It was such a nice gesture.

Second we wanted to give a big thanks to our media partners, WLU-TV Ch.14. Theresa and Jared both offered some troubleshooting help and offered their services to help keep us running. They are always there to give us a hand and we appreciate them greatly.

Keep us tuned in. Now that we have issues fixed we are going full boar the rest of the semester!

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