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WGLZ  is West Liberty University’s student-run radio station located on campus.

Engaged in entertainment across the campus for you!  We are WGLZ 91.5 fm, and want to thank our listeners, our music artists, and our sponsors.

Browse around the site and give us a listen. If you want to get involved, take a class, sponsor the station, or have a request, let us know.

Thanks for visiting!

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One thought on “Welcome!

  1. Greetings, WGLZ!

    We are ON TOP and we are straight out of Tiffin, Ohio! We are set to release our debut EP, ON TOP, and we know it’s something really special. Our goal is to resurrect classic rock – to give the people the sounds they want… no, the sounds they NEED to hear. Although our release date is September 17th, we are sending college radio stations WORLDWIDE our tracks. Each track is available to download via the private link listed below, for the sole purpose of exposing our sound to the people of the world!

    We are so excited to be sharing our music with you, and hope that you enjoy our sound as much as we enjoy playing it. We pride ourselves on having many different sounds – we like to explore everything.

    A hard hitting track? “Backside Jam”
    Some heavy electric blues? “Nasty Woman” [Explicit-ish]
    A nice little tune to reminisce ‘bout your childhood? “When I Come Home”
    Or how bout a track to go absolutely nuts and rage to? “On The Run”

    There are a couple more tracks on the album, but we’ll leave it up to you to define them for yourself…

    We just wanna thank you for your time and sincerely hope you check our tunes out. Although this is somewhat of an email blast, we want you to know that if you desire to build a personal relationship with us, we are all for it! Contact us, talk to us, say hi, ask us questions – anything at all, we’re here! We know our music can impact the people of the world, and we want YOU (yes, you reading this.) to join us and be a part of this beautiful thing.

    Soundcloud Link: https://soundcloud.com/on-top-7/sets/on-top-2015-for-radio-play/s-dARgt

    Thank You!

    Dom & Jazz
    ON TOP

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