Master of Arts in Education

West Liberty University offers a 36 credit hour course of study leading to a Master of Arts in Education degree (M.A. Ed.). The College of Education program holds national accreditation from NCATE for its advanced program.y557iwwl

The Master of Arts in Education (M.A. Ed.) program is open to graduate level students and is designed to provide master’s level work for individuals who wish to advance their professional knowledge, skills, and dispositions in the areas of:

  • Advanced Teaching
    This area is designed to help the candidate examine and enhance professional practice.  Any individual involved in education (public and private sector) as a part of their profession, may benefit from this track.  Special emphasis is placed on educational philosophy and curriculum design.
  • Community Education
    Aids individuals who seek to improve community relationships and community involvement in their organizations.  Coursework includes, program development evaluation, fundraising and development, non-profit management, and non-formal education models.
  • Entrepreneurship for Teaching
    The program is tailored to the interests and schedules of K-12 teachers who aim to introduce entrepreneurship studies into their classes.  Individual course outcomes will consist of teachers developing appropriate lesson plans including entrepreneurial foundations, creativity, promotions, law and finance to be used in the classroom.
  • Leadership Studies
    Prepares professionals for key leadership positions, provide exemplary instruction and service, and conduct scholarly research that both advances theory and informs practice.  This program will involve participants in the practice of being educational leaders.
  • Advanced Special Education
    This program is designed to enhance existing special educators knowledge of the field and the intricacies of the discipline.  Several elective areas are offered to further enhance the individuals knowledge base.
  • Special Education Multi-Categorical Certification
    Permits teachers, with an existing certification and sufficient content in English, Reading, Mathematics, Science, or Social Studies, to acquire an additional endorsement.  Candidates must fulfill all requirements set by the WVDE to be recommended for licensure.
  • Sports Leadership and Coaching
    This area is for individuals working or desiring to work in school, university, and community sports programs.  It offers the opportunity to enhance one’s understanding of key issues involved in educational athletics and to further develop one’s leadership and coaching skills.
  • Technology Integration
    Permits teachers to acquire advanced skill sets in technology and technology integration.  School-based assignments and experiences are an integral part of this area of emphasis.

The course work includes

  • 18 credit hours of common core (CORE) of education courses, including a capstone course
  • 12 credit hours of program emphasis courses fulfilling the requirements of one of four areas
  • 6 credit hours of approved electives
  • All students must purchase LiveText during the first graduate course attempted.
Each of the classes are 3 credit-hours. The classes are blended and will meet as face to face and on-line to equal fifteen (15) sessions during an eight week time period during a regular semester or a six week time period during a summer session. When the courses meet face to face they will be conducted at the West Liberty Highlands Center in Wheeling, WV.