The Center for Arts & Education has a wide variety of equipment, materials and technology that are available for use by West Liberty University faculty and students and PreK-12 educators from the tri-state region.


The Center for Arts and Education includes the following facilities.

Digital Cameras


GigaPan Kits

Portable Silkscreen Kits

Sewing Machines

Copy Machines

Poster Machine

Macintosh Desktop Computers

Documentation Station

Laminator for 8 1/2″ X 11″ Pages

Please join Courtney Forsch and Mariah Steele, student teachers (’15), to view a Virtual Tour at the Center. Here students can meet a lot of creative people and receive a variety of resources and supports to discover and maximize their talents.

Technology Resources Checkout List

The College of Education provides our faculty and students with a variety of technology resources to enhance the teaching strategies and scholarly activities. The technology facilities available for our faculty and students to check out from the Center for Arts and Education are:
Technology Resources Quantity
iPad 225
New iPad10
Tablet Caddy (iPad Size)4
Tablet Caddy (iPad Mini Size)4
Tablet Caddy (iPhone Size)2
Lenovo Laptop with Microsoft Offices8
Lenovo Laptop with Dragon Naturally Speaking 12 Premium Speech Recognition and Microsoft Publisher Software1
External Webcam1
Headset (Speakers and Microphone)13
SMART Responses System (Clicker)64
SMART Responses System (Receiver)2
SMART Document Camera1
Intelliboard Pen2
Intelliboard Pen Tip4
Cannon EOS Rebel T3 Camera1
CASIO EX 275 Camera2
Flip Camera3
Gigapan Kit10
Gigapan Pro Kit1
Fotoiox Fotodio Premium Grade Background2
Hummingbird Robotics Kit21
Little Bits Circuits Module Kit10
AV Adapter1
VGA Adapter1