Oldest Institution of Higher Education in the Mountain State

West Liberty University is a forward-looking, four-year public university steeped in a rich heritage as West Virginia’s oldest institution of higher education.  Established as West Liberty Academy in 1837 (26 years before the state was admitted to the Union), it was created to respond to the need for higher educational opportunities west of the Appalachian ridge.  The institution is named for the town in which it is located.  West Liberty was so named in the late 18th Century as the westernmost point of the new liberty provided through the Declaration of Independence.

Mission Statement

West Liberty University, established in 1837, was the first institution of higher education in West Virginia. Today, we are a dynamic, inclusive, student-centered community that cultivates scholarly exploration, experiential learning, creative expression, and global citizenship.

WLU is a public university committed to providing students with a comprehensive education from undergraduate to advanced degrees while serving as the region’s leading advocate for the arts, education, research, and economic opportunity.

To provide our students the opportunity for a high quality undergraduate, graduate, and professional education through appropriate formats and venues.

Vision Statement

WLU aspires to be a model of innovative, inclusive, and transformational education accessible to all and that positively impacts society.

West Liberty University will be the premier 4-year institution of higher learning in the Upper Ohio Valley by:

  1. providing its students with a high-quality education wherever and however courses are delivered that will prepare them for employment in current and future job markets or for continuing their education;
  2. achieving excellence in all facets of university life, including academics, student experiences, athletics, and the visual and performing arts;
  3. providing a comprehensive and significant liberal arts foundation wherever and however courses are delivered that will prepare its students to communicate effectively, think critically, and assume roles as productive citizens of the global community;
  4. pursuing financial stability as an institution while also remaining affordable for its students;
  5. emphasizing high-quality professional relationships between students and faculty, both in and out of the classroom, through excellent instruction in any format or location and advising;
  6. standing as a vigorous and vibrant source for the creation of knowledge through innovative and creative research and scholarly activity;
  7. providing technological capabilities and infrastructure to reflect contemporary educational needs and standards;
  8. facilitating vibrant relationships with the surrounding community through social, civic, and economic engagement activities, and building strong and enduring relationships with alumni and benefactors; and
  9. supporting a safe campus environment that encourages diversity and inclusion for all members of the WLU community.

WLU Priorities

  • Enhancement of the Student Experience 
  • Strong Community Engagement
  • Operational Efficiency and Excellence
  • Robust University Branding 

Core Values

Affordability, Caring, Diversity, Excellence, Innovation, Respect

Opportunity, Caring, Professionalism and Integrity, Excellence, Civic Engagement

Institutional Accreditation

West Liberty University’s basic accreditation is by The Higher Learning Commission.

Higher Learning Commission
230 South LaSalle Street, Suite 7-500
Chicago, IL 60604