Strategic Planning

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WLU Strategic Plan v3


I. Academic Success
Goal 1: Develop high-impact practices for adult learners, transfer students, veterans, and students from disadvantaged demographics.
Goal 2: Develop innovative and relevant undergraduate and graduate programs.
Goal 3: Increase access to and participation in online education.
Goal 4: Increase retention and graduation rates.
Goal 5: Offer students a wide array of co-curricular activities and programs

II. Branding
Goal 1: Develop and update internal marketing strategies.
Goal 2: Expand the university’s reputation as the premiere institute of higher learning in the region.

III. Community Engagement
Goal 1: Expand the university’s commitment to being the region’s leading advocate for the arts, education, entrepreneurship, health care, public history and other community needs.
Goal 2: Facilitate community-based learning opportunities for students.
Goal 3: Offer exceptional services and resources for community growth and development.
Goal 4: Sustain and grow the university’s reputation as a cultural destination.

IV: Operational Excellence
Goal 1: Assess existing and potential positions to ensure that duties are appropriate, necessary, and efficient.
Goal 2: Develop and enhance internal communication practices.
Goal 3: Develop resource management strategies to support the university’s mission.
Goal 4: Encourage effectiveness, efficiency, and innovation through training opportunities and workshops.
Goal 5: Develop a performance-based culture driven by data and best practices.

V. Student Experience
Goal 1: Create new strategies to reduce the burden of non-tuition related expenses.|
Goal 2: Foster student well-being through expanded mental and physical health resources.
Goal 3: Provide opportunities for career preparation and the development of life skills.
Goal 4: Provide safe, secure, appropriate, and accessible spaces for all students.

WLU Strategic Plan v2
WLU Strategic Plan v1

Information will be changed periodically to reflect updates, modifications, and corrections.

Updated Strategic Plan (10/14/20)

Like every institution of higher learning in 2020, West Liberty University is experiencing unprecedented challenges during the pandemic. As a result, many of the initiatives in our strategic plan were delayed as the university focused its attention on the immediate needs of its students, faculty, and staff. Some performance factors, however, were completed earlier than expected, especially those related to those unanticipated needs. Accelerating initiatives online education initiatives, for example, became one of the university’s most important priorities, and student support services expanded existing services while also developing new pandemic-specific initiatives related to issues like testing and housing quarantined students.