Dr. Tim Borchers

Dr. Tim Borchers assumed the presidency of West Liberty University on July 1, 2023, bringing with him a wealth of experience and a commitment to student success, community engagement, and experiential learning. Prior to his tenure at West Liberty, Dr. Borchers distinguished himself as a transformative leader in higher education, serving in key administrative and faculty roles at public regional institutions.

In his first year as president, he led strategic planning for the University, fostered relationships with alumni and key stakeholders, and initiated community-wide planning to engage local businesses with high school and college students.

Dr. Borchers was inaugurated on April 5, 2024. Learn more about his Inauguration.

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West Liberty University is a public university with a rich history of providing students with a comprehensive education from undergraduate to graduate degrees. Through experiential learning and personalized support, we empower students toward scholarly exploration, creative expression, and economic opportunity.

Our Aspirations

West Liberty University is responsive to the evolving changes in the demographics of our student population, the opportunities we have to expand our mission to new learners, and the needs of our local community. We empower our students for future success by challenging them to apply their learning in a variety of contexts that align with the best practices in higher education.

West Liberty University is a community in which students can reach their full potential. We offer an opportunity-rich environment so that students explore their identities while they are supported by faculty, staff, and other students

West Liberty University is an institution where its employees are able to make effective decisions, complete work efficiently, and grow and develop, all in service to students. We are effective communicators so that we can tell our story to our stakeholders in order to promote our successes.

West Liberty University has a mutually beneficial relationship with our region to serve our students but also the broader community. We are responsive to community needs while being mindful of the role our students can and will play in being leaders in their professions and communities.

West Liberty University Governance

Dr. Borchers meets regularly with campus and community stakeholder groups.

West Liberty University is committed to the principles of shared governance, which ensure that faculty, administrators, staff, students, the Board of Governors, and alumni participate in the important decisions regarding the operation of the university.  While ultimate legal authority and accountability rest with the Board and administration, all stakeholders have a vested interest – relative to their specific roles and responsibilities – to participate in the governance of the institution. 

West Liberty University Board of Governors

West Liberty University Cabinet

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Faculty Senate

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Student Government Association

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Dr. Borchers with son Oliver and spouse, Dr. Susanne Williams