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Our Mission:

To empower our graduate students to serve as productive, creative leaders in schools and the community through an innovative and researched-based program of professional education.

The Master of Arts in Education program at WLU includes 12 credit hours of required education common core courses and 18 credit hours of courses in the student’s area of emphasis. Courses are scheduled in two eight-week terms during the fall and spring semesters, and two six-week terms during the summer. Our personal-touch program maximizes flexibility and connection, offering both online and “in-seat” courses. In-seat courses typically meet once a week at 5:00 p.m. at the state-of-the-art WLU Highlands Campus. However, our distance-friendly program allows any student, near or far, to join their Highlands classes via WebEx, a video conferencing system accessible with a personal computer. During the last semester of coursework, all M.A.Ed. students will complete a semester-long capstone experience of an approved topic, which incorporates the education core courses and relates to the selected area of emphasis.

Common Core Courses (12 credit hours):

  • EDUC 502 Professional Writing (online every semester)
  • EDUC 507 Research Methods (online every semester)
  • EDUC 512 Assessment and Data Literacy (online every semester)
  • EDUC 581 Capstone (16-week course during Fall or Spring only)

Areas of Emphasis (18 credit hours):

The M.A.Ed. program also offers courses to prepare licensed teachers for endorsements through the West Virginia Department of Education in the areas of:

These endorsement programs can be taken in conjunction with an M.A.Ed. degree, as preparation for a licensure exam, or as professional development units.

**Only the M.A.Ed. Reading Specialist leads to initial teacher certification/licensure in West Virginia as a certified reading specialist, as long as candidates pass the Praxis 5301 and all program requirements. No other M.A.Ed. concentration leads to initial teacher certification/licensure in WV.

For more information about WV licensure for teacher certification, go to:


  • Official transcripts of any bachelor’s degree from a regionally accreditation college or university, with a 2.5 GPA. (Reading Specialist and Special Education requires a 3.0 GPA)
  • Start the Program in January, March, May, June, August, or October


In-state or out-of-state: ONE RATE! MAEd domestic students pay one rate per credit hour for tuition, so whether you live in West Virginia or are an out-of-state student, your tuition will be the same rate: $460 per credit hour.
International students tuition is $550 per credit hour.


Dr. Nicole Ennis
MAEd Program Director
Main Hall 308B
227 WLU Highlands Center
[email protected]


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