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Welcome to our BA in Community Education Program! 

Our Global Community

Welcome to our BA in Community Education Program! RETURN, REDISCOVER, RECONNECT to the global community as a non-formal educator for lifelong learners on a local, national, and international level.

The Bachelor of Arts in Community Education Program

The Community Education Program (CEP) is for students that are ready to be change makers, innovators, leaders, creative thinkers, and non-traditional educators in their chosen fields in either education, the nonprofit sector, for profit organizations, or entrepreneurial enterprises.

The course work is driven by hands-on, experiential, progressive forward-thinking practical experiences in the chosen field, to prepare students for the challenges of an ever changing and developing 21st century world and their work with the lifelong learner community.

Graduates will leave with a degree that is innovative, creative, non-traditional, and forward thinking, by being prepared with basics of community and social change and innovation, as well as problem/ project-based service-learning opportunities. All, while giving them the freedom to follow their dream careers by partially building and creating their own degree through selecting a number of electives of interest. This prepares the students for a job market in high demand positions in ever and newly developing fields and industries on the local, national, and international level.

The CEP is a 120-credit hour program, consisting of general studies, core, and track/ concentration specific coursework.

The CEP also offers a 15 credit hours minor.

There are five tracks/ concentrations for students to choose from:

Community Education Tracks

Community Innovation and the Arts

Students in Community Arts can become Directors of Children’s Theater Programs, Coordinators of Children Programs for Art Institutes, or Coordinators of Youth Symphonies.

Disabilities Services and Advocacy

Students in Disabilities Services have the opportunity to become Disabilities Service Consultants or Transition Specialists.

Outdoor Education Experiential Learning and Mindfulness

Students in Outdoor Education have the option to become Program Directors of Outdoor Environmental Centers or Outdoor Program and Camp Coordinators.

Sports, Recreation and Wellness

Students in Sports, Recreation, and Wellness can become Program Directors of Sports, Recreation, and Wellness Programs and Institutions.

Teaching English and Global Education

This major is designed for students that are interested in Teaching English on a national and international level, as well as any other form of Teaching English and/or involvement with Global Education.

Community Education Minor - 15 hours

The Community Education minor is appropriate for students in any career fields who get in contact and are interested in teaching and working with children, youth, and adults (lifelong learners) in the community and 21st Century non-formal and informal learning environments. These fields could include business, (elementary/secondary) education, nursing, psychology, science, social work, speech pathology, etc. Students in comprehensive area programs (art, music, and physical education) would also be able to add the minor.

Planning Checklist

*Note: The Community Education Major and Minor do not lead to teaching certification.

About the Majors

The strength of the majors within the Community Education Program is enhanced through vibrant community-based partnerships. The Community Arts major is addressed through the theatre component (e.g., City Theatre Pittsburgh PA, Towngate Theatre Wheeling WV, and West Liberty University Theatre) of the Community Education program. The Disabilities Services major is addressed through the special education components (e.g., Easter Seals, Wheeling WV, and REM Wheeling, WV) of the Community Education program. The Outdoor Education major is addressed through collaboration with Environmental Centers (e.g., Schrader Environmental Center) and Outdoor Centers (e.g., Linsly School Outdoor Center) of the Community Education program, and the Sports, Recreation and Wellness major is addressed through partnerships with a variety of after-school programs (e.g., YMCA) and Recreation and Wellness Centers (e.g., Wheeling Recreation Department) of the Community Education program. Please see the Plans of Study for the 2-Year and 3-Year Community Education cohorts.


The mission of the Community Education Program at West Liberty University is to attract intelligent and creative students showing an interest in education that is not limited to “traditional teacher education” in the classroom. The program seeks candidates who are open to serve as competent and effective professional educators and facilitators, willing to marry the two worlds of Formal and Non-Formal Education through active engagement in and through the community.

The curriculum is designed to structure, facilitate, and promote the 21st Century skills of critical thinking, problem-solving, and creativity. Students are encouraged to communicate and collaborate with individuals, groups, and institutions of the community on a local, national, and even international level. The program aims to develop master educators, facilitators, and educational leaders that contribute to community development at various levels, by engaging in the community through teaching, motivating its members through reflection, and consequently changing lives in a positive way.

Students will be equipped to serve the community/non-formal education of children, adults, and the communities of lifelong learners through a broad set of coursework. The acquired knowledge of specific common core courses, community education courses, and the possibility of specification in one of the five tracks of Community Innovation and the Arts, Disabilities Services and Advocacy, Outdoor Education Experiential Learning and Mindfulness, Sports, Recreation, and Wellness, and Teaching English and Global Education will not just embrace the students’ interests and strengths, but also provide students with multifaceted employment options in schools, universities, museums, community, faith, and sport centers, and other community facilities upon graduation.

List of Career Opportunities

List of employment opportunities that are likely to be available to Community Education Program graduates in the fields of Community Innovation and the Arts, Disabilities Services and Advocacy, Outdoor Education Experiential Learning and Mindfulness, Sports, Recreation, and Wellness, and Teaching English & Global Education:

  • Activity Specialists
  • After-School Program Directors
  • Camp Directors
  • Community Outreach Coordinators
  • Directors of Education
  • Education Program Coordinators
  • Environmental Literacy
  • Programmers
  • Non-profit Administrators
  • Non-profit Grant Writers
  • Outdoor and Environmental Center Facilitators
  • Program Coordinators for Art-based Organizations
  • Program Directors of Parks and Recreation
  • Programming Specialists
  • Recreation and Wellness Specialists
  • Recreation Leaders
  • Recreation Supervisors
  • Summer Camp Directors
  • Tourism Education
  • Youth Program Promoters
  • Youth Ministry
  • Jobs with Nonprofits



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