The College of Education traces its roots to the inception of the WL Academy and then Teachers College status.  Although formally recognized with University status in July of 2009, the root of teacher preparation extends to the 1800’s.  The College of Education has grown to encompass programs in Athletic Training, Exercise Physiology, and Community Education.

Excerpted from the book, West Liberty:  From Academy to University, A History by Dr. David T. Javersak

“Three years after the purchase of the West Liberty Academy, on March 1, 1870, the West Virginia Legislature passed the ‘act to establish a Branch Normal School at West Liberty in Ohio County.’  The school opened on May 2 of that year.  Originally, it was considered a branch of the WV State Normal School at Hungington.  A normal school was an institution with a mean and opportunity and free to prepare mature men and women to teach and supervise teaching in the public schools of every kind and grade.  Before 1900, West Liberty Normal School was a hybrid creature – part high school and part teacher preparatory.  On March 4, 1931, the WV Legislature formally changed the school’s name to West Liberty State Teachers College.”