Dear Students,

The worldwide impact of COVID-19 has put West Liberty University in the situation of taking unprecedented steps to protect the health and well-being of our campus community.  The number one priority of West Liberty University and The College of Education and Human Performance is to protect and support our students, faculty, and staff. The faculty has been preparing for the conversion to remote instruction virtually and online.

The mission of West Liberty University is to provide our students with the opportunity for a high-quality undergraduate, graduate, or professional education. Guided by common sense and our desire to minimize risk in our community, class instruction will be in a digital format from March 23, until at least April 6, 2020.

I realize that this is a very stressful time filled with questions. Answers will come in time so be patient. Please know that the faculty and staff from the College of Education and Human Performance are here to help you through this class delivery transition and the stress of the changes we are all experiencing.

Social distancing has been coined as the “new normal”, although COVID-19 is nothing any of us have ever experienced.  The situation is very fluid; please use the CDC and the West Virginia Department of Health & Human Services as your sources for the latest and most reliable information.

The mission of the College of Education and Human Performance is to challenge our students to think, move and connect, integrating the mind, body, and community.  The integration of technology will challenge the entire campus community to think creatively on how to move toward a virtually connected campus. Stay connected with your classmates and the faculty. We are here to support you. Faculty will be reaching out to you; check your West Liberty Email, Sakai sites, and the WLU website.

Finally, I ask you to remember the acronym WIN, What’s Important Now.  Over the next weeks, the challenges are there, but we can overcome those together. Student Counseling services are available.  You can contact the Director of Counseling Services Lisa Witzberger, MSW, LGSW at [email protected] or 304-336-8215, or Student Health Services Director Christy Bennington at [email protected] or 304-336-8049

Please let me know if I can help in any way, [email protected] 304-336-8247.

Stay Well,


Dr. Monteroso




We are excited to welcome you to the College of Education at West Liberty University!  We are more than just a school; this is a place to form lasting relationships with faculty, staff, and other students.  This is place where students are encouraged, challenged, supported, and provided incredible research and professional development opportunities.  At the heart of what we do is excellent teaching and advising.  One of our students last semester wrote this unsolicited letter of appreciation to a faculty member:

“Thank you so much for an amazing semester.  You made this class so much fun, and I looked forward to coming and learning to every class; you made me even more excited for my career in education.”

We welcome you to visit and talk with us anytime!