Dear College of Education and Human Performance Faculty, Staff, and Students:

President Greiner has announced West Liberty University will continue remote learning for the remainder of the semester and summer I courses. Spring commencement will be virtual to allow for social distancing. For all of the latest updates, visit West Liberty University Student Health Services and visit Next Stop, Topper Station to stay connected.

The College of Education and Human Performance has taken steps to adjust to the new normal:

  • Program Directors have been meeting to provide resources for faculty and students.
  • Faculty have been participating in Faculty Development to learn best practices in online delivery.
  • Faculty have been delivering classes through Zoom, Google Chat, and WebEx.
  • Sakai has been the learning platform.
  • Advising has been virtual and will continue to be virtual


I applaud your dedication to your coursework and staying connected to your classmates and faculty. Keep up the great work there is an end in sight, finish strong. As with advising, we are available to meet virtually. If you are concerned about a course, meet with your instructor; if you are concerned about your schedule, meet with your advisor; if you are concerned about your program, meet with your program director. Also, if you have any concerns feel free to contact me at [email protected] or 304-336-8247.

Student Counseling services are available. You can contact the Director of Counseling Services Lisa Witzberger, MSW, LGSW at [email protected] or 304-336-8215, or Student Health Services Director Christy Bennington at [email protected] or 304-336-8049.

Again, I ask you to remember the acronym WIN, What’s Important Now.  Over the past few weeks, you have risen to the challenge. Unknown challenges may be ahead, but we will overcome those together. GO TOPPERS!

Stay well,


Dr. Monteroso




We are excited to welcome you to the College of Education at West Liberty University! The College of Education and Human Performance challenges our students to think, move, and connect, integrating the mind, body, and community.  We provide the highest quality education for our life-long learners through close student-faculty relationships, a myriad of professional development opportunities, community service, and the integration of technology. Graduates of the College of Education and Human Performance are prepared to start productive careers in a variety of fields and to continue improving themselves and their communities.

One of our students last semester wrote this unsolicited letter of appreciation to a faculty member:

“Thank you so much for an amazing semester.  You made this class so much fun, and I looked forward to coming and learning to every class; you made me even more excited for my career in education.”

We welcome you to visit and talk with us anytime!