AT and EP Professors presented at national conference in Sports Medicine

Dr. Meleesa Wohleber (Athletic Training (AT)) and Dr. Jeremy Metz (Exercise Physiology (EP)) were selected for a poster presentation at the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) Annual Meeting held in May, 2019 in Orlando, Florida. The study was performed utilizing students from both the AT and EP program in the research process, and measured the effects of a physical training program on performance and injury risk factors in a group of athletes. Faculty and students were involved in collecting data on physiology and lower extremity injury risk assessments, such as aerobic capacity (VO2 max, pictured bottom left), body composition, and single-leg balance testing (pictured bottom right).


Teacher Education students volunteer at COSI on Wheels Program

Some of our Teacher Education Students participated in “COSI on Wheels” in April, 2019 at Middle Creek Elementary. Students led middle school groups through several hands-on activities created by the COSI “It’s Simply Chemistry” Program. More information on this program can be found here.





Kathleen Wack Recognized During Mayor’s State of City Address
Professor Kathleen Wack was recognized by Mayor Glenn Elliott for her work on the newly updated Woodsdale Elementary School playground in a ceremony on February 25th. The updated playground was a collaborative effort between the Woodsdale PTO Playground Committee, Woodsdale Elementary Principal Ashley Minch, Wheeling Parks and Recreation Director Jesse Mestrovic, Dr. Kim Miller of Ohio County Schools Board of Education, Mayor Elliott, and the City Council.



Athletic Training Program Participate in Research at Quantico

On March 25, 2019, Dr. Meleesa Wohleber (pictured above, bottom left), faculty in the Athletic Training Program and 3 Junior AT students, Thomas Paris, Hanah Loughrie, and Hannah Ramirez (second row left) participated as research study volunteers at Marine Corp Base Quantico, VA. They performed various elements of a physical movement screen to approximately 300 Marine Officers at The Basic School. This is the third trip for WLU AT students and faculty to volunteer as researchers for this study being done by the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences Consortium for Health and Military Performance (CHAMP). The Initiation of Marine Physiological Assessment of Combat Training (IMPACT) study is concluding after 2 years of data collection. Athletic Training students from other schools were also represented including Concord University, University of Maryland, and University of Virginia.  The experience showcased certified athletic trainers working in both the military and research setting and was a great way to end National Athletic Training Month in March.

CEP International Storytelling Workshop with Wheeling Country Day School

Community Education Program in collaboration with the international students at WLU organized the first international storytelling workshop for 6th graders of Wheeling Country Day School (WCDS). This workshop provided an opportunity for WCDS students to learn a foreign language from a native speaker of the foreign language through an interactive storytelling activity. The languages CEP offered to WCDS students were Japanese, German, Russian, French, Arabic, and Hindi.



Active Eagles in Action @ West Liberty Elementary SchoolEagles

Mrs. Kathleen Wack, Instructor of Physical Education, and our students in the Health and Physical Education program conducted the Active Eagles program at West Liberty Elementary School. The local students learned the sport skills through fun and creative activities integrating iPad apps, such as Coach’s Eyes. Our students recorded local student’s athletes in motion and helped them improve a football drill and more.



Block Student Taught Kindergarten Pupils 21st Century Skills
BlockOur Elementary “Block” student, Katelynn Kestner, infused a kindergarten lesson with iPad and Intelliboard. “I provided all 21 of my kindergarten students an iPad. We used the ShowMe app to display our work. I created a program for the Intelliboard to display the current question (numbers 1-10) the students should be working on. I had students come up one by one to record their work on the intelliboard while the rest of the students recorded information on their iPads (display as a tally, number, number word, picture, and ten frame). The students engaged in 21st century skills from technology usage, collaboration, problem solving, and critical thinking,” she said.