Multi-Categorical Special Education

This area is designed for individuals desiring a comprehensive overview of special education. Incorporating practical, classroom-based experiences and assignments, coursework prepares educators with the knowledge and skills to educate students with learning disabilities, attention deficit disorders, intellectual disabilities, and emotional behavior disorders. The West Virginia Department of Education offers an additional certification in Multi Categorical Special Education to applicants holding an initial Professional Teaching Certificate in elementary education or secondary English, Math, Science, or Social Studies by passing the WV state licensure test.

Advisor: Dr. Leann Elkins: [email protected]


Masters of Education in Multi-Categorical Special Education Required Courses:

  • SPED 520 Collaborative Teaching (Fall I)
  • SPED 551 Policies, Procedures, and Current Issues in Special Education (Fall II)
  • SPED 548 Advanced Assessment and Instruction for Students with Emotional Behavioral Disorders (Spring II)
  • SPED 552 Advanced Assessment and Instruction for Students with Intellectual Disabilities (Summer I)
  • SPED 555 Advanced Assessment and Instruction for Students with Learning Disabilities (Spring I)
  • One SPED 564 Practicum (Summer)


Additional requirements for traditional certification along with a robust undergraduate general studies curriculum

(not required for M.A.Ed. degree or qualified educators who pass the WV state licensure test):

  • SPED 561 Differentiated Math Methods & Materials
  • READ 512 Advanced Literacy Assessment
  • READ 562 Structured Literacy & Phonics
  • READ 563 Methods & Practices of Multisensory Instruction
  • READ 575 Advanced Literacy Instruction
  • SPED 564 Practicum
  • SPED 580 Student Teaching