M.A.Ed Reading Specialist Certification

Reading Specialist: M.A.Ed. Reading Specialist Degree in West Virginia

This area is designed for educators or others wishing to expand upon their knowledge of literacy with a special emphasis on multi-sensory based instructional practices. Incorporating field-based experiences, coursework includes early and emergent literacy, word structure knowledge, delivery of reading assessments with resulting targeted interventions, advanced literacy instruction in comprehension, fluency, and vocabulary acquisition, developmental writing, and spelling. West Virginia certification as a Reading Specialist requires completion of the six reading courses, a master’s degree, and passing the WV state licensure test. This program is accredited by the International Dyslexia Association.

Advisor: Dr. Leann DiAndreth-Elkins: [email protected]


Required Courses for Reading Specialist (M.A.Ed.):

  • READ 512 Literacy Assessment (Summer I)
  • READ 562 Foundations of Structured Literacy (Fall I)
  • READ 563 Multisensory Teaching Methods: Phonics and Word Structure Knowledge (Fall II)
  • READ 564 Structured Literacy Practicum (Spring II)
  • READ 565 Advanced Methods and Practices of Multisensory Instruction (Spring I)
  • READ 575 Advanced Literacy Instruction & Planning (Summer II)


The West Virginia Department of Education offers stand-alone certification as a Reading Specialist, which requires completion of six reading courses, a master’s degree, and passing the WV state licensure test. Individuals who already possess a master’s degree do not need to pursue the WLU M.A.Ed. for Reading Specialist certification.