Accepted to WL…What’s Next?


You've been accepted to West Liberty University! The following checklist will help ease your transition and connect you to the resources that you will need to start your college experience on the hilltop!

What's Next
  • Freshmen Orientation and Class Registration

    Fall 2018: Orientation will offer you the opportunity to learn how to register and complete your class schedule for the fall semester, meet faculty for your college, have your ID picture taken, see your residence hall room, learn specific information about financial aid, and take care of a variety of campus tasks to prepare for the new semester. Parents will even learn more about their role in this process. Freshmen orientation and class registration will take place in the summer months before the fall term.
  • Transfer Registration

    Registration for incoming transfer students will be held prior to each semester. Students will receive an email from with details on how to register as a new student or visit the link below:
    Questions may be directed to Stephanie North, Associate Registrar at 304.336.8311.
  • TopperFest

    What is TopperFest?  TopperFest is a two week festival held before the fall semester which is designed to welcome students to West Liberty University and get them acclimated to campus. These events give new students the chance to interact with each other and jump-start the friendships that will last a lifetime. For more information, click here.
  • On-line WINS Accounts


    All students have an online account through the West Liberty Information Network System (WINS). Students complete class registration and access grades through their WINS accounts.  Personal information, financial aid information, billing information and many other items can be accessed via WINS. To log in to WINS, click on the GO at the top of the WLU home page. You will need your student ID and pin number.  Your student ID can be found on your letter of acceptance, class schedule or financial aid award letter.  You can also contact the Enrollment Center at 304.336.8007 to receive that information.  Your PIN number will initially be your six digit date of birth (MMDDYY) then the system will prompt you to change your password and set up a security question.

  • E-mail Accounts

    All students will have a mandatory email account through West Liberty University.  Students are expected to regularly check their WLU email accounts as faculty and administration primarily contact students through their email accounts.  Email accounts for new students will be created prior to classes beginning each semester. You will be able to access your email address through your WINS account. Once you are logged into WINS, click on “Personal Information”, then “Email Address”.


    Due to recent changes made by IT Services, from now on, all new students will have an email address of first initial followed by middle initial and last name followed by ([email protected]). To access your email account, click on the GO icon on the top of the homepage. You will need to enter your user name, which will be your email address, minus the Your password will be your eight digit date of birth (MMDDYYYY). If you have any questions regarding your email account, please contact the IT Services HELP Desk at 304.336.8886.

    or by using the Contact Form Online
  • WLU Financial Aid Refund Process

    We have partnered with United Bank to streamline the financial aid refund process. You have the following options regarding the delivery method of your refund: 

    • Direct deposit to the bank account of your choice
    • A paper check mailed to the address of your choice*


    *Choosing a paper check will delay the processing of your refund.


    Once you have registered to attend WLU an email will be sent from United Bank to your West Liberty email address, containing instructions and your username and password. You will be required to log in and chose a disbursement option in order to receive your refund.


    If you have any questions regarding your refund or have trouble setting up your disbursement account please contact the Business Office.


    United customer service representatives are available to aid you in navigating through your United disbursement account, 1-800-327-9862.


  • Invoicing and Payment Options

    All invoicing will be completed through your West Liberty email account (late July for the fall semester and early December for the spring semester). Please reference your invoice for payment due dates. There are multiple options available to make payments on your account.


    1. Payments can be made through your student’s WINS. (See instructions located on theBusiness Office’s website).
    2. Epay is available for those who do not have a student login or those who would like to pay with an e-check.
    3. Payment can be made by visiting the Business Office between the hours of 8am-4pm, Monday through Friday.
    4. Payment can be mailed to: West Liberty University, Business Office, 208 University Drive, CUB 109, and West Liberty, WV 26074.
    5. Payment can be made over the phone by calling (304) 336-8013 or (304) 336-8944.
    6. A 5 month payment plan is available. Refer to, click on the payment plans & options tab then payment plan options.


  • Topper Cards

    Students can pick-up and/or have your picture taken at the College Union Office located on the ground floor of the College Union.

    Topper Cards are used as the meal card, library card, and with Topper Dollars, can be used for laundry, vending, and for purchases in Subway and the Bookstore.

    The card is also used to gain access to the front door of the student’s respective residence hall and several academic areas in the Media Arts Center, Fine Arts Building, Arnett Hall, and Main Hall.   

    Financial aid refunds may be placed as Topper Dollars on the Topper Card by contacting the Business Office.  Topper Dollars may be added to the Topper Card through eACCTS , in the student union, and in the Business Office. Cash payment is only accepted in the Business Office. 

  • Meal Plans

    Students have 5, 10, 14 and 19 meal plans available.  By default, all new residential students are assigned the 19 meal plan.  Residential students must have 10, 14 or 19 meal plan, except for students living in University Place.  Students residing in University Place can choose the 5 meal plan.


    Residence Hall students can change their meal plan by contacting the Housing Office. (Please contact the Housing Office regarding timing restrictions on changes)


    5, 10, and 50 meal plans are available to commuters. 


  • Extended Hours of Operation

    The Enrollment Services Center (Registrar, Financial Aid, and Payments/Deposits), the Admissions Office, the Housing Office, the Learning & Student Development Center, and the Office of Student Services will be open for extended hours during the opening weekend of the fall semester.
  • Schedule a Visit

    Schedule a campus visit or attend an open house program. For more information, click here

  • TopperNet Emergency Text Messaging System

    Once classes begin, students are encouraged to sign up for TopperNet. TopperNet is provided by Rave Wireless and is WLU’s emergency text message system.  TopperNet is used to notify you when classes are canceled or if any other emergency arises.  You will need your WLU email address and your cell phone number when registering for this service.  There is no fee for this service.

    To sign up for TopperNet: Go to Click on “Register Now”.  Complete the information on the “Create Account” page, agree to the Terms of Service, and click “Next”.  A confirmation screen will appear, explaining that Rave has sent you an e-mail. Go to your e-mail account and click the link.  When you click the link, a 4 digit code will be sent to your phone.  A screen will open on your compter asking you to type in that code.  This will take you to your main account screen. You’re done!

  • Academic Adviser


    All students enrolled at West Liberty University are assigned an academic adviser to assist the student with class scheduling and meeting graduation requirements.  Academic advisers are assigned to new students prior to the semester beginning.  The name of your academic adviser can be found in WINS under the “Student Services” menu.  Select “Student Records” from the “Student Services” menu, and the select “View Student Information”.  You can locate telephone numbers and email addresses for advisers in the WLU directory, which is available on the home page next to the WINS icon.  Office locations are posted outside of the Registrar’s Office in Main Hall.

  • Parent Power

    Parent Power is an easy-to-read bulletin designed to keep parents informed about important dates, deadlines and discussions you should be having with your college freshman to help promote his/her academic and personal success.  To view editions of the newsletter, visit the Parent Power page on the web.

  • Veterans


    Are you a Veteran and looking to further your education? West Liberty University is honored to be designated as a Military Friendly School.  We hope that WLU can serve you in your upcoming educational endeavor. Read more…

  • Highlands Center


    Just off of Interstate 70 at the Cabela’s Drive exit and located just steps from the entrance of the Marquee Cinemas, the WLU Highlands Center offers more than 50 courses.  Convenient parking and a modern learning environment making it ideal for first-time freshmen, current students, commuters, employees at the Highlands, and adult students wishing to begin or complete a degree at West Liberty University.  The Highlands Center provides a number of educational opportunities from undergraduate to graduate level courses.  The majority of the University’s summer courses are offered at the Highlands Center.  For more information on the Highlands Center check out our page or call 304-217-2800.